X3 Diagnostics v.0.21.4

Once critical issues are resolved, proceed to Panel › settings › settings and disable diagnostics.

Critical Issues

Can't detect mod_rewrite
We cannot seem to detect the mod_rewrite extension on your server. This extension is necessary in X3 for links to work, and for resized images to load. There is a small chance your server has this extension, but we cannot detect it - You can check for this extension by going to Panel › tools › phpinfo, and searching the text for "mod_rewrite". If you are 100% certain your server has mod_rewrite, you can try to to add the following line to your root .htaccess file:

RewriteBase /
Default Preview Image does not exist
The image 1.index/preview.jpg, which you have as default preview image, does not exist. Go to PanelSettings › Page › Details › Default Preview Image, and set a path to a valid image file.


Default Panel Login
It seems you are using the default Panel login. Please go to X3 Panel › settings › panel, and change the username- and password to secure your website.
Missing config/.htaccess File
Where is your config/.htaccess file? This file is necessary to protect your configuration settings from being visible public.
Non-Apache Server
It seems you are running a different server than standard Apache. Imagevue X3 normally works fine under other environments like Win IIS and Nginx, but the custom .htaccess file currently only works correctly for Apache. Therfore, there is a fair chance that links and images in your X3 website will not work. We hope to offer config-conversions of the .htaccess file for other servers soon. Your Server Software: